Omni Loader is a powerful self-tuning application, but it offers users a broad range of customizations - it can operate according to your preferences and change from the default behavior.

Omni Loader features two kinds of options: Project Options and Table Options.

Project Options

Project Options allow you to set up the project itself, affecting all the tables in the project. Within project options, there are six categories: Conversion, Performance, Mapping, Databases, Logging, and Troubleshooting.

Conversion – allows you to make customizations related to the conversion itself, such as the project type, table creation options, data copying and more. Learn more

Performance – allows you to customize settings to maximize the efficiency of your migration. Here you can tweak settings such as the number of parallel workers, table/partition slicing, hashed replication throttling and more. Learn more

Mapping – allows for optimizing data mappings, such as predefined mappings (prefixes), schema names, table names and more. Learn more

Databases – allows for customizing database settings such as timeout (in seconds), table indexing, column nullability and more. Learn more

Logging – allows you to specify log file locations. Learn more

Troubleshooting – The user can load data using single SQL inserts, which will inspect all data sent to the target to find the issue. Learn more

Table Options

Table options allow you to modify options for specific tables and will override any project options. Under the Columns section, there is a manual mapping toggle. Enabling it allows for full control over each table column, data type, nullability and more. Manual Mode allows for creating new tables or expecting existing ones.

If creating new tables, Omni Loader checks for existing ones, and drops and replaces them with new ones. If you already have existing tables with indexes and customizations, “Expect existing” only replaces the data inside the tables.

In cases of data replication (still “expect existing”), Omni Loader will scan and fill in the differences since the last replication, instead of replacing data.

Omni Loader also allows for a manual WHERE expression for the source table. The WHERE expression allows you to extract only those records that satisfy your specified condition.

Omni Loader allows you to easily tune the migration process to your specific project requirements. While there is no need to touch the options to make the migration correct, there are rich options for customizing all aspects of the migration. Read more about Options here.