Ingest huge amount of data quickly on Microsoft Azure cloud

Instantly deploy Omni Loader in your own tenant. All VM sizes supported.

Easily load huge databases. No time-consuming setup needed.
Deploy Omni Loader on premises

Frequently asked questions

We support some 20 databases at this point. The rest we support in our other products will be supported very soon. See our databases page.

There is no comparison, really. We natively support all popular (and less popular) databases. We took the time to talk to each database directly instead of the easy way of using slow and buggy generic ODBC drivers. Just looking at the performance, features and stability, our software is in a class of it's own. And don't get us started about ease of use and our fantastic user interface...

Yes. You need to select a VM size and it will be deployed in your own tenant.

No, we do not send anything and your data is perfectly safe. You can, if you wish, enable telemetry and send us usage data and errors and so help us improve Omni Loader. However, you need to go to the Settings yourself and manually turn it on, so that will never happen unless you absolutely want it to.

Of course. Please go to the demo request page .

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