Migrate on-premises
and cloud databases at scale

Omni Loader is an advanced database migration tool offering unmatched performance out of the box. It significantly reduces risks in large migration projects, effortlessly handling even 100 TB+ databases. It provides automatic vertical and effortless horizontal scaling. Setup time is completely eliminated due to its fully self-tuning engine.

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No setup needed.
Just get your job done.

Omni Loader is fully self-tuning and works great out of the box.

Rapid data load in every case

There is no need to touch options to get Omni Loader to behave optimally. They are here to serve your specific needs, when you wish to change the default behavior.

Extensive Customizations

Adjust schema mapping, table and column naming, or override the data type mapping rules.
Each database has a few very important tables, that have the most data and demand attention. Adjust anything and override the project-wide rules on any table of interest.

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Complexity taken away

Connect to your databases and run the migration. As simple as that.

More than 20 databases

Easily copying data between on-prem or cloud databases, relational or data warehouses.

Massive parallelism

Even a single large table can be copied rapidly due to automated slicing.

Rename tables and fields

Extensive mapping rules allow for sophisticated customization in very little time.

No setup needed

Databases and tables are automatically set up for CDC with no need to run separate scripts.

Stream changes to any target

In CDC projects, there is no limitation to the type of target that can receive transactions from the source.

Ultra-fast initial load

Our massive parallel data migration engine is used to rapidly initialize the target database.

Unlimited source databases

There is no limit to the number of source databases data is copied from. You can use multiple database types as well.

Rearrange data on the fly

Group tables from a single database into a specific schema, or use our schema mapping feature to arrange data as you like.

Ease of use

The workflow when you have a single source database or twenty is exactly the same.

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So many databases

Over 20 database types supported. OLTP and OLAP, hosted on-premises and on the cloud.

Who are we?

We are an independent software vendor specializing in database solutions.

years of database migration experience
countries with our satisfied customers
no limits for records, table size, or database file

Save time.
Get the job done.

Allow us to help you get your data migration job done as quickly as possible.

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