Supported Databases

Besides the databases listed below, there are many modern databases using protocols compatible with, for example, PostgreSQL.
This makes the list of supported databases even larger.

Amazon RDS

A cloud-based database service that allows for easy set-up, scaling, and management of relational databases.

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Amazon Redshift

A fast and powerful data warehousing service, enabling efficient analysis and storage of large amounts of data.

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Analytics Platform System

A powerful and flexible solution for data warehousing and business intelligence, providing high-performance analytics and big data capabilities.

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Apache Parquet

A columnar storage format designed for big data processing and analytics, making it efficient and useful for storing and querying large datasets.

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Azure Synapse Analytics

A cloud-based data integration and analytics platform that allows users to analyze and visualize data from various sources in real-time.

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Azure SQL

A cloud-based relational database service, offering scalability and high availability, making it useful for businesses needing efficient data management.

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A distributed SQL database that allows for horizontal scaling, high availability, and strong consistency.

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A file format for storing structured data and is commonly used for data import/export and data analysis in databases.

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A unified analytics platform built on Apache Spark, designed to streamline data processing and analytics, facilitating collaboration and advanced data-driven insights.

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DB2 for i

A highly efficient and powerful IBM database system, designed for IBM i platforms that helps to streamline and manage large amounts of data.

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A powerful and versatile database management system that is useful for a wide variety of data storage and management tasks.

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DB2 z/OS

A high-performance, scalable, and secure database management system designed for mission-critical enterprise systems.

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Fabric Warehouse

Industry-leading performance, ease of use, and integration with Power BI, while converging data lakes and warehouses to simplify organizations' investments in their analytics estate.

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Fabric Lakehouse

Integrates OneLake as a foundational data lake, enabling users to create workspaces and lakehouses for seamless data collaboration and analysis across various Microsoft Fabric compute experiences.

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A powerful, open-source data warehousing and analytics platform used for big data management and analysis.

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Google AlloyDB

A fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service designed for high performance and scalability, geared towards enterprise applications requiring advanced security, performance, and analytical capabilities.

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Google Spanner
(coming soon)

A fully managed, scalable, relational database service for regional and global application data.

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Google BigQuery
(coming soon)

A fully managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data using SQL and built-in machine learning capabilities.

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A lightweight data interchange format useful for storing and exchanging structured data in web applications.

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A widely used open-source relational database management system that offers high performance, scalability and data integrity.

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A popular open-source relational database management system, commonly used for web-based applications and data management.

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A high-performance, scalable data warehouse appliance that enables rapid querying and analysis of large datasets using SQL.

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A distributed SQL database designed to provide elastic scalability, high availability, and ACID compliance for cloud-based and containerized environments.

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A data access standard that enables connectivity between different databases, making it useful for cross-platform data integration.

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The world’s most popular database in enterprise market, designed for true distributed computing, handling the most complex and demanding needs.

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A powerful open-source relational database management system known for its robust performance and scalability.

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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

A high-performance relational database management system providing robust data management, scalability, and security for enterprise-level applications.

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A high-performance, columnar database that allows for efficient data warehousing and analytics.

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A cloud-based data warehouse platform that allows users to easily store, query and analyze large amounts of data in real-time.

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SQL Server

A relational database management system developed by Microsoft that is widely used for data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics.

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A high-performance, scale-out relational database used for data warehousing and business intelligence applications.

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A high-performance, column-oriented database useful for handling big data analytics and business intelligence tasks.

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Easy database connections

All the native database drivers we are allowed to distribute, we do. In almost all the cases, you can connect and start working right away. For a few where connector license is prohibitive, we allow you to accept the license, then download and install the license for you in seconds.

Our focus on database migration allows us to specialize in supporting modern databases, ensuring that our solution can handle any migration needs with ease and accuracy. Whether you're looking to migrate to a new database or simply need to update your current one, Omni Loader is the perfect solution for all your database migration needs.


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