Extensive Customization

Tune migrations to your project requirements.
Apply the rules on a project level and affect all table at once, then override on specific tables. Minimize time spent tweaking things.

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Project Options

Project Options allow you to set up the project itself, affecting all the tables in the project. Within project options, there are six categories: Conversion, Performance, Mapping, Databases, Logging, and Troubleshooting.

Table Options

Override project options for specific tables.
You have full control.

Propagate project options

All your rules are applied to all of the tables automatically.

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Filter your data

Specify your own custom filter SQL expressions.

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Preview target DDL

See the exact create table statement for the target database.

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Full control

Use any names, data types or attributes.

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Start with project options

Benefit from rules affecting all tables. Start fine-tuning from there.

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Link to existing tables

Create new tables or load data into existing ones.

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Repartition data on the fly

Copy the source partitioning, automatically fold partitions, or specify your own. For data warehouses, you can override the distribution level.

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