In the highly regulated and security-conscious realm of banking, database management is a critical component of daily operations. Our financial institution recently undertook a complex database migration project, transitioning from IBM DB2 LUW to a PostgreSQL database hosted in the Azure cloud. To facilitate this intricate process, we turned to OmniLoader, a powerful SQL migration tool known for its intuitive interface and robust feature set.

"OmniLoader emerged as an indispensable tool in our banking institution's database migration journey. Its combination of an intuitive interface, cross-database compatibility, recovery mode functionality, parallel workers, and exceptional support proved to be vital in navigating the complexities of transitioning from IBM DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL."

Key Features of OmniLoader:

Intuitive User Interface

OmniLoader's user-friendly interface provided an immediate sense of familiarity, crucial for our banking professionals navigating the intricacies of financial data. The tool's design streamlined the migration process, ensuring that even users in a highly regulated industry could execute migrations with confidence.

Cross-Database Compatibility

OmniLoader's compatibility with various databases was instrumental in seamlessly transitioning from IBM DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL. In the sensitive banking environment, the tool's adaptability across different database management systems proved to be a pivotal feature.

Network Restrictions Overcome with Recovery Mode

The banking industry often faces stringent network restrictions. OmniLoader's "recovery mode" proved invaluable, enabling us to overcome network interruptions seamlessly. This feature played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of financial data throughout the migration process.

Parallel Workers for Efficient Migrations

The support for parallel workers within OmniLoader significantly reduced migration times. This feature was especially critical in a banking environment where operational efficiency and minimal downtime are paramount. The tool's ability to handle large datasets efficiently contributed to a smooth migration process.

Exceptional Support from Spectral Core

Spectral Core, the manufacturer of OmniLoader, provided exceptional support throughout the migration. In the context of a bank where data security and compliance are top priorities, Spectral Core's responsive and knowledgeable support team ensured a seamless migration experience, addressing any concerns promptly.

OmniLoader emerged as an indispensable tool in our banking institution's database migration journey.

Its combination of an intuitive interface, cross-database compatibility, recovery mode functionality, parallel workers, and exceptional support proved to be vital in navigating the complexities of transitioning from IBM DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL.

As financial institutions continue to embrace technological advancements, tools like OmniLoader are essential for ensuring secure and efficient database migrations in highly regulated environments. Our positive experience underscores OmniLoader's position as a reliable SQL migration tool capable of meeting the unique challenges faced by banks when managing and safeguarding critical financial data.


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Tim Didier

Associate Director

How Laurier used Omni Loader for their data migration:

• faced with a looming end-of-life of on-premise data warehouse technology

• 2.5 TB of data, across 200+ tables of data needed to move to a lower cost solution

• Limited available resources to build its own data migration processes without sacrificing other

project timelines

• The tool came highly recommended from Microsoft as part of their partner program

Efficiency, Adaptability, and Cost-Effectiveness

Our data migration was a substantial undertaking, involving the transfer of 2.5 terabytes of data distributed across over 200+ tables. The primary criterion for evaluating Omni Loader was its efficiency in handling this sizable data transfer within a reasonable timeframe. In this regard, the tool delivered admirably, completing the migration in a matter of hours. This significantly expedited our migration project and minimized potential disruptions to our operations.

One of the standout features of Omni Loader is its adaptability to the nuances between source and destination database types. This capability allowed us to migrate data with minimal manual intervention. It's worth noting that while the tool effectively addressed many data transformation challenges, some degree of customization was required for specific scenarios. However, Omni Loader's flexibility made it relatively straightforward to configure these adjustments.

Support from Spectral Core was responsive and exceeded our expectations. When issues arose during the migration process, the vendor's support team provided timely assistance, typically resolving problems within the next business day. This level of support played a crucial role in maintaining the momentum of our migration project.

From a cost perspective, Omni Loader offered clear advantages. It eliminated the need for us to develop complex ETL pipelines, which would have entailed a considerable investment in time and resources. This cost-saving aspect, in addition to an extremely competitive pricing model, made Omni Loader an economically sound choice for our migration initiative.

In summary, Omni Loader from Equal is a practical and effective solution for database migration tasks. It efficiently handled the transfer of 2.5 terabytes of data across 200+ tables, with a strong focus on adaptability and cost-efficiency. While it may require some level of customization in certain scenarios, it is well-suited for organizations seeking a reliable tool to streamline data migrations to the cloud.


Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey. It is also the largest company in the country, with over 20 thousand employees and some 40 million subscribers.

Turkcell uses Full Convert extensively when migrating legacy projects to the new technology. Many of their projects use Microsoft SQL Server, but there is an internal push for the open-source technology and PostgreSQL. The company employs many talented PostgreSQL database administrators and it makes a lot of sense to integrate data and make the most of the available talent.

Fatih Dartici

Master Expert Developer

Fatih Dartici, a Master Expert Developer in Turkcell, noted:

“You made an amazing tool! Full Convert deserves its price, more than a 100%.”

Full Convert was initially used in just one pilot project, where it worked so well that it is now regularly used in different environments. At this point, Full Convert is used in 14 different projects, by several teams.

Prior to the introduction of Full Convert to the company workflows, Turkcell relied on custom-built migration scripts. On one such project, a team wrote custom scripts to migrate and verify the data movement over a period of months, among other tasks. Now, Full Convert has become the backbone of the data movement process.

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