Console Mode

Console Mode enables you to execute, write and process data through a console without needing to use our UI.

Running Omni Loader in a console mode enables scripting and automation, by avoiding the use of the standard user interface. All of the functionality exposed in the UI is available in the console mode as well.

How does it work?

Run the OmniLoader executable with an additional -job parameter specifying the path to the JSON file. An example (Windows variant): OmniLoader.exe -job c:\jobs\sql2synapse.json.

By default, the console will copy all the tables from all source databases into the target database. Of course, this behavior can be changed. One can opt to specify a particular list of tables to copy, and these tables can each have their own specific customization parameters applied. More information on this is available in our documentation. If several source databases are used, instead of a single Source element, you should use Sources with an array of items.

How is Console Mode useful for you?

ConsoleMode JSON files are easy to understand – and declarative. One can see all the customizations right away, as there is no need to flick through different screens to examine what has been applied. This is especially valuable in a multi-user environment, where a colleague coming to the project can immediately grasp the requirements. An additional benefit is that JSON project files can be put into the source control, for security and audit.

When should you use Console Mode instead of Standalone?

Oftentimes, data migration is a part of a larger and more complex project. As projects typically involve multiple moving parts, where each part is dependent on others, triggering data migration in a chain of events automatically is very useful. Omni Loader can be used as an integral part of CI/CD processes.

Commonly, there is a need to move data periodically. Having Omni Loader do a full data copy overnight when the production database is not under load can be achieved simply by calling the console from a Windows Scheduler, or a cron job. 

You can read more about console mode on our Documentation page under JSON Job specification.