Blob Extraction

Automatic extraction of all LOB data to the cloud storage.

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Are blobs taking up most of your database's space?

Are your costs skyrocketing?

A common occurence

Practically all databases keep a lot of large objects in the data, such as images or documents. Keeping blobs in a database is generally a good idea as it allows them to be a part of the internal database maintenance processes. However, initial expectations about the size and number of such blobs might turn out very wrong, as the business needs and its data evolve.

On the cloud, having very large databases can be expensive. Also, cloud object storage is cheap, reliable, and efficient in ways a single company can’t easily provide in its own datacenter. If you find yourself in a situation where blobs occupy most of the space and dictate most of the cost of your cloud database, it may be good to investigate alternatives.

Trimming Your Database Size

Data movement during the data modernization and push to the cloud is a very good opportunity for optimization and cost reduction by extracting blobs out of the database as part of that process. This will also reduce backup burden.

Omni Loader can seamlessly extract blobs to the cloud storage as it copies the data. The process itself, as is customary for Omni Loader, is very simple. When specifying the target database connecting, check the “blob extraction” option and specify the cloud blob storage (S3, Azure Blobs, ADLSv2) where you would like to keep your blobs. When the data is copied, Omni Loader will upload each blob to your cloud storage container and replace the original large blob data with just the blob identifier. The target database size will be massively reduced, as well as the cost of running the database.

Make Your Target Database Slim and Fast

Blobs can be separated on the fly simply by providing desired cloud blob storage information.

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