Omni Loader is a fully self-tuning database migration application. It is designed to abstract all the complexity away from the user while remaining extremely versatile and effective.

While legacy ETL software requires long setup processes and multiple days of setting up to start working, Omni Loader requires little to no setup. All it needs to get started is a connection to the source and target databases.

What options does Omni Loader offer?

Due to our database migration engine’s extensive capability, Omni Loader does not require users to tweak options for correct or performant functionality. The options we do provide you with are the customization options to tune the migration process to adapt to company processes. Such options can be set project-wide and affect all tables or can be applied to specific tables and override project settings. 

How does it work?

Omni Loader works out of the box and is designed to ensure that the job gets done, by minimizing options and utilizing a modern, easy-to-use UI. It is quick; it will finish your processes before other ETL software is finished setting up. For example, Omni Loader takes care of correctly migrating data of all supported data types and does that efficiently. The optimal data transfer algorithm is determined for each table separately, taking into account the structure of the table as well as the type and version of the target database.

Some data types can be migrated very quickly using bulk load mode while others are more demanding and require slower migrations to guarantee that all data records are transferred correctly.

Self-tuning features?

Omni Loader will modernize the data types on the fly, automatically upgrading the datatypes and translating the deprecated ones into their modern equivalents.

When migrating data into the data warehouse, Omni Loader automatically recognizes the warehouse’s capability and uses a recommended number of ingestion processes to avoid overwhelming it and slowing it down.

Our philosophy

The software should get out of the way and be as simple as possible to use. When everything is understandable for the user and there are no surprises, said user can be confident that they will be able to get the job done quickly and on time.

Omni Loader is designed to Just Work.